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Cosimo Maria Masini – Biodynamic Passion!

Welcome to our Biodynamic Estate!

Biodynamics is a step further as compared to organic farming: not only does it exclude the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, but it also tries to regenerate the terroir, through preparations 500 and 501, which are adopted to regenerate soil, increasing its fertility and humus, and to ensure that plants find a life-giving environment in which to grow. Plants are considered in their overall context, including the natural setting and the energy they receive from the ground and from the air, the rain and the wind, the light and the heat, the sun and the moon, the planets and the stars. In short, plants are thought of as living in a microcosm, but also as part of the cosmic system. If all the above factors are harmoniously balanced, plants grow healthy and lush, achieving their maximum potential, and yield excellent fruit, rich in flavours and healthful substances.

By engaging in agriculture following the biodynamic method, we have been able to look at the production process from a different perspective. This has allowed a more balanced ripening of the grapes, free from synthetic chemicals, and has prompted us to look for a method of winemaking through which the plants’ characteristics are faithfully preserved and are kept fully intact.

Accordingly, every year we have started to eliminate the oenological adjuvants, such as enzymes, tannins and yeasts. The grapes are harvested by hand, in small boxes, to prevent them from spoiling during transport. Upon arrival at the cellar they are de-stemmed and then each tank takes its course, without the limits of established protocols, without using yeasts or chemical enzymes.

One of the crucial aspects of our approach is the sensitive the role played by all our co-workers who, thanks to modern knowledge, can handle fermentation non- invasively, giving the consumer authentic wines that become true ambassadors of their terroir, the product of an exclusively natural process. 

Our goal is to achieve in-depth knowledge of the terroir  in order to acquire the necessary sensitivity to understand the rhythms of nature and its energies. In the initial phase of our work we reflected on what it means for us to make wine: the answer is that we have set ourselves the goal of interpreting a terroir and each individual growing year, using the grapes, together with the sum of all the variables that come into play when working with living matter. We wanted to distance ourselves from modern oenology, which tends to “create” wines by seeking to achieve standard conditions, such as in a laboratory. We thus reject the view that  everything must be maintained under strict control according to programs that have been planned around a table and dictated by “production protocols.” 


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